Christ the Good Shepherd (CTGS) American Coptic Orthodox Church
an Orthodox Christian Community in Long Beach, California, established in March 2017 with a mission to learn from the poor and attain the blessings of serving Christ Himself in those in need, His Brethren. At CTGS, we believe that the church is a hospital for the brokenness of humanity that every one of us bears and that Christ is the True Physician of our souls. Whatever your past, whatever burdens you carry, whatever wounds that you bear, whether you have fallen away or feel like you don’t fit in. You have a home here. All are welcome.
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Prayer in time of disease and pestilence
O Lord the sound of the cry is heard throughout the lands. Your children weep, howl and lament as did the Ninevites. We beg for your mercy Lord, for you call all to salvation for the promise of the blessings to come. Your goodness leads us to repentance, please grant clemency and salvation to the world. Your mercy O Lord endures forever, and You are Love and you relent from doing harm O Lord. Please make these days short, for your elect’s sake. We look to you, the One who is lifted up, the Crucified King of Kings, so that we may have eternal life, as did the children of Israel with the bronze serpent. We lift our hearts to you and plead O Lord to remember your promises to our forefathers. Remember the blood of Your martyrs. Remember your sign that you gave Noah. Please grant us Your Heavenly Peace, for you are truly the King of Peace. Father forgive us for we know not what we do. O Holy Spirit comfort us. O Creator rebuke this pestilence, for you are the Passover lamb, who was killed for us and your blood was shed and covers us, and you allow us to partake of Your Divine Body and Blood. We worship You and we glorify You and give thanks to You, O Father, Son and Holy Spirit.