About Us

Christ the Good Shepherd (CTGS) American Coptic Orthodox Church is an Orthodox Christian Community in Long Beach, California, established in March 2017 with a mission to learn from the poor and attain the blessings of serving Christ Himself in those in need, His Brethren.

We are part of the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Christian Church serving in the Diocese of Los Angeles under Metropolitan Serapion. Our church was founded by St. Mark the Gospel Writer A.D. 60 who preached and was martyred in Egypt. We have been one of the most heavily persecuted churches from the beginning of Christendom until this very day where we have seen a rise in deadly attacks against our brethren in Egypt. The Coptic Church remains faithful and gives a beautiful witness to the love and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ amidst persecution, martyrdom, church bombings, abductions, mistreatment and hatred.

CTGS is served by Father Lazarus, a presbyter born and raised in Southern California. God has planted in his heart, a deep desire to love and serve the poor, the wounded and oppressed, to show them the depth of Christ’s love for them and their precious value as children of God.