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At the heart of our service is a desire to remove the division between volunteers and our community. We encourage our volunteers to sit and break bread with our friends. We are cultivating an environment of hospitality where together as a family we take the time to share in life together. It is in these interactions where healing and restoration begin for the members of our community, as well as our volunteers.

There are many services to take part of in our ministry, please continue reading to learn more about the services we provide. If you or your group would like to join us or to learn more information about our services, fellowship, and ministry, please contact us at goodshepherdlb@gmail.com or (562) 674-0288.

Food Bank Service
Every Thursday & Friday of the Month

What We Do

Every Friday of the month,  Meet Christ Ministry distributes groceries through our food bank from 9AM – 11:30 AM. We serve homeless and at-risk men, women, and children and over 300 low-income families in our local community.

To be able to complete this service, our servants and community volunteers pick up donations from the food bank and local community markets every Thursday.

Please feel free to come join us on either day at any time! God bless your service +

To check our volunteer schedule, please click here to access our calendar

What to Bring
A few tips for your first time with us:

  • If it is your first time, please be sure to check in with one of us to complete your Civil Liberties training – it is required to partake in this service!
  • Please be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. (If you are prone to being cold, bring a jacket!)
  • Please keep your personal belongings locked in your trunk or in your pockets.
  • Please utilize our parking lot for parking on 1428 E 16th St.
  • If there are any other questions please contact the church (562)674-0288

What to Expect


  • Service begins 8:00AM to 12PM
  • Service on Thursdays focuses on picking up and organizing the donations we receive
  • Volunteers will help organize and pack donations for the distribution the following day


  • Our friends begin lining up at 7AM, volunteers arriving at 730AM will assist in signing in our friends.
  • Our service to give out donations begin at 9 AM and ends around 12 PM
  • Our friends will be called by page number from the sign-in sheet to come and pick up their groceries

Food Service – Please call 562-672-0288 for details

Every Saturday 10A to 130P

What We Do
Come join us as we strive to eliminate barriers and bring bodily nourishment and Christ to our brothers and sisters.
Through this service we are truly able to meet Christ through them. This service is more than simply providing a meal. We strive to remove the division between our volunteers and community.
If you feel hesitant to participate because you feel obligated to speak about the Bible or Christianity and you are not well-versed, you can lay aside your fears. Through your undivided attention and your willingness to hear about the plight of another human being, you will be preaching volumes about the love and the compassion of Christ.

Operation Details

A few tips for your first time with us:
+ We have partnered up with Century Villages of Cabrillo and US Vets in Long Beach for this service.

+ Please use “Century Villages of Cabrillo” in your GPS to find the location – it is located about ten minutes from the church. The address is 2001 River Ave. Long Beach (However, the address will take you to the back of the facility)

+ When you get to the gate please let them know you are here to serve with CTGS/Meet Christ Ministries – follow the curve to where the courtyard is. We are in the Dining Hall/US Vets Cafeteria (There is a large mural on the wall where we serve)
+ Please expect to be at the facility from 10A-130P

+ Please wear closed toe shoes.

What to Expect

+ We prepare the food in the kitchen from 10A – 11:45A

+ We prepare plates and to go boxes to be served at 11:45A

+ Prepare the front end of the dining hall 1030A-12P

+ Our doors open from 12P-1P

We encourage those coming to please sit down with us and get to know our community. Many people in this facility are currently in transition and do not have family to build relationships with.  If you would prefer to get your feet wet but are shy about sitting with our brethren, there are still many opportunities for you to partake in during our weekly Saturday service +

To check our volunteer schedule, please click here to access our calendar

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